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CELITON --Since 2003

In 2003, the engineered stone production technology research and development team was established .

 In 2005, the ZheJiang experimental factory was opened to achieve the small-scale production of engineered stone products.    

In 2007, the first generation of engineered stone was obtained.

In 2011,the second-generation engineered stone production technology invention patent was obtained.

In 2012, the ShangHai factory was opened to achieve the production of high-quality engineered stone with stable quality and reaching foreign standards.

In 2016 ,the third-generation engineered stone production technology invention patent was obtained .

In 2017, AnHui large-scale chemical plant was opened to achieve large-scale, high-quality production of synthetic stone

In 2020,the fourth-generation engineered stone production technology invention patent was obtained,which can produce engineered stone products at a lower cost, higher efficiency, and higher quality, showing the stabilization and high efficiency of production equipment. This technology and equipment surpasses the foreign advanced level.

In 2020, ChangSha Technology Exhibition Center opened to promote the production technology and equipment of CELITON engineered stone to the whole of society and the industry, aiming to improve the entire engineered stone industry. The technical level of the engineered stone industry will help the engineered stone industry improve its production technology and equipment, improve the competitiveness of engineered stone products, and help the engineered stone industry develop scale, industrialization and modernization.