The Italian company BRETON is the earliest inventor of engineered stone production technology and equipment.  Lots of  companies in the world that can produce high-quality engineered stones use BRETON's production equipment.

       In order to realize the monopoly of technology patents, BRETON adopts a regional patented technology authorization system in its business method, that is,only one company is authorized to use in a country or region.At the same time, it adopts the method of high price of production line (one production line exceeds 20 million US dollars), and the operation method of charging high patent royalties every year.

     At present, there are a total of 30 countries and regions in the world authorized by BRETON company, with more than 100 production lines.

Representative companies are Spain's Cosentino S.A.(SILESTONE), NASDAQ-listed company Caesarstone of Israel, DuPont of the United States, LG of South Korea,and China's Universal Marble & Granite Group Ltd.(UNIPLUS).

     The high cost of the production line makes the production cost and market price of BRETON engineered stone remain high. Nowadays, BRETON engineered stone can only be used in the pyramid-tip consumer groups such as cabinet countertops ,high-end hotels, high-end shopping malls, and luxury houses.Can not be widely used, universal application.

The global annual output of high-quality engineered stone is very small for the market.


       CELITON was established and developed in 2003, and the team began to develop engineered stone production technology and production equipment. After more than ten years of high investment in research and development, a new engineered stone production technology-vacuum filling polymerization technology has been successfully developed.

       Four generations of production technology and production equipment have been upgraded during this period.

CELITON has complete, mature and high quality engineered stone production technology and production equipment. It has achieved dozens of domestic and foreign patent rights.

      The engineered stone produced by CELITON is completely comparable to that produced by Italy BRETON.